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Earning ISK in Wormholes - Starting out

Hello everyone! This time we have a look at, how the dark side of wormhole space works – earning a living while we are in one of the most dangerous parts of Space.

I will start and explain very basic ways to get those all elusive ISKs into our wallet. There are some skill requirements attached to most of these, but even at a very basic level you can start. I managed to get a friend going and earning about double what he would make in highsec after 1 day of training.
The training wasn’t even specialized!

What you will need, a sense of adventure, risk taking, some basic ships you can replace. Also a good dose of paranoia helps keeping you safe!

First of we go with the most basic way of earning ISK. Can you guess it? Yeah, it is in fact mining. Don’t do it to long, or you go space mad. I nearly quit when I started out, because of it, but it is easy, available and earns you starting money to try other stuff.

Here is a good ship to start with, the venture, you already get two of these when you do the tutorials at the start, so why not make something out of them.
[Venture, mining]
Mining Laser Upgrade I

Conjunctive Magnetometric ECCM Scanning Array I
Residual Survey Scanner I
Experimental 1MN Afterburner I

Cu Vapor Particle Bore Stream I
Cu Vapor Particle Bore Stream I
Core Probe Launcher I, Core Scanner Probe I

Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints I
Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints I
[empty rig slot]

Hobgoblin I x2
Don't worry to much if you can not fit everything on it, basic things you want are agility and yield first and foremost. Obviously everything helps in its own way. As your skills progress, T2 miners will increase your yield a bit, but even after 1 day and with this fit, you make about 1 mil per 20 minutes. That can easily be doubled with better skills.

So – how do we do the mining part then? First we need to find a suitable place to mine. Get in your scanning ship and find a wormhole, preferably a c1 or c2, but it doesn’t really matter, ore sites stay the same throughout all classes.

There are no asteroid belts in wormhole space, the asteroids are found in anomalies. Since the Odyssey Expansion those have been moved directly into the Discovery scanner and show up on the list if you enable them. Make sure to check that little box in the probe scanner and to run the Discovery scanner option next to the capacitor.

Have a closer look here:

Kara-tip, you can have the pics I have on my blog bigger if you click them!

I have highlighted what information we need, enabling the scanner and finding an ore site. Now we can look the site up in eve survival. This will help us see what we can expect there.

Open up the “Common Perimeter Deposit" and have a look. Initial group spawns 5 frigates. OK, now that we know that, we are sure there are no sentry guns, we can mine safely in this site for 10-15 minutes. Guns can spawn as soon as you land, and they pack a punch, don’t warp to those sites!

It might have been activated before or it might be a trap, so you better dscan it before and see if you find anything odd. If you see something like warp disruption bubbles or the likes, it might be possible the ore site is setup as a trap from the wormhole inhabitants.

I advise learning by doing. Dive in and explore, failure will surely happen, but you will learn from it for next time. So we found the wormhole, bookmarked both sides, now we warp with the scanner to the anomaly. Bookmark yourself the ABC ores, Arkonor, Bistot, Crokite, those are the valuable ones in wormhole space.

Isn't wormhole space beautiful!

Bookmarking them will save precious time, you would waste if you would always warp in at 0 to the anomaly and slow-boat over to the asteroid, they are usually a bit away from the arrival point.
Once this is done get your venture and mine away, as soon as the rats spawn its time to move to another site. Since they spawn after 10-15 minutes after activation, the best way is to not warp to all sites first, but to keep the other sides fresh. Don’t worry to much if you warp somewhere and sleepers are already there, if you just warp out you will be fast enough to evade them.

So scanning with the venture might also be possible, c1s have a big signature and can be easily probed down, even without bonus-ed ships.

So this is the most basic way to make some ISK and mine away, next part will have gas mining and more! Check in soon, I will try to do the next one faster. This time around took me a while to make all the fittings I had in mind, now that these are done, it should work a bit faster.

Scanning tip of this episode, double-clicking an anomaly or a probe in the probe scanner focuses the camera on the map view onto it.

Last words of warning, make sure your clone is updated, med-clone is in the right place and never fly anything you can not afford to loose!

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