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Kara's First Week in TRECI

Get a coffee and cookies, it's story time! Dear derping Kara will take you for a ride in the unknown, to the stars!

So this has been my first week in TRECI. After having decided to join up, things went fast.

Moving out went smooth as Bob blessed me with several HS exits over the week before. I had already put out unused ships in preparation for EKCHUs Move to a C5-C5.

So I was well prepared. I did my day in cool down with some messing around with frigs in LS, had some fun hunting for targets and exploding in the end. Also went back to Aldrat to visit my old home, having a look if the Unistas keep things neat and tidy. While running some L4 Missions there, which I hadn’t tried in ages and felt like doing for relaxing, a friend called for help.

So I jumped out to Amarr and went the 16 jumps out into the deep LS he was doing exploration in.
He was stuck not being able to kill the final rat. To little dps! But fear not the horrible drake of Kara went there and shot the rat dead. Well after nearly dying horrible twice to a missile launching web tower hehe... :)

My first day in corp started with a nice surprise, there was a HS. I was cheerfully greeted by so many, I most enjoyed that, such friendliness from the get go! Helping me along to get used to the new mapper and corp stuff, saying hello on mumble I was moved in fast with my trusty scanner Covops and Legion.

Zero which I knew from months ago in SKADI and EKCHU sold me a tornado and PVP commenced. We hunted around in a 0 pipe and I was happy and excited, hadn’t been doing that much lately.
3 kills were the icing on the cake! The next day followed suit, my Tornado got a good using and died in a glorious blaze - to a Thanatos carrier none the less - but not before getting 4 more kills.

We also encountered NoHo alliance in w-space and had a memorable fight over 25 minutes I think.
We had a nice T3 armour fleet with carrier support, they outnumbered us slightly, but had only guardians. After we fought them in our home on a wormhole and on the other side and no one could break each other, GF were exchanged and both sides got out safe without losses.

We then continued to roam 0 land and managed to angry the locals a wee bit. They got so mad that they set up 30+ man fleet to gate-camp us and hunted us. With minimal losses in our 6 man fleet and a nice 670mil Arazu kill we went to deep saves and logged a bit to cool them off...
But to no avail, they still were camping both the WH and gate back home.
But more TRECIs were online now and we sent in the cavalry. A small T3 fleet got us out save and netted some more kills against them.

The next day saw NoHo again, we had rolled into them again! But this time they came prepared.
They controlled our connection, but we decided to take the fight anyway. It was a fight against uneven odds, but we held fast and got some kills this time. NoHo used their good tactics and numbers to get us back and in the end not many of TRECI made it out safe. After 25 minutes the fight was over and I had a Legion less in my hangar. Still we had lots of fun in the fight and I learned some more. I was very lucky to coast my pod out of the bubbles and get safe back into my new home tower.

The next day I was trying to find a exit and scanning when I ran into a chimera in a wolf rayet c5 escalating sites. Unnoticed I slipped into system and began to scout. A group of pilots were doing sites in various Battleships and had the massive capital help them with it. An Alert was send out and we gathered pilots together to engage. While I kept getting new Intel for us in my little covops we organized. Just as we were about to attack the inhabitants suddenly decided to scan and saw our connection, they were fast to close it, the fleet wasn’t getting in and I was stuck with them.
No matter, I decided, one can do, as many can.

I devised a plan, I had done before. Making bookmarks in the sites they were running with my covops, setting up safe-spots and warp-ins.
I also knew they knew I was here, since they had collapsed the wormhole with a waiting Devoter, so I couldn’t get out. So I scanned the remaining anomalies quickly with my combats, which stirred them a bit into action, they decided to roll some other connections, always scanning the new one and rolling it. It kept them occupied I guess. I pulled my probes, headed to a safe and logged off for some coffee awaiting the things that might come.

As I logged back on and listened to some mumble chatter from corp I wondered if they were still running sites.

Surely that couldn’t be, system security was clearly not possible for them? But greed is great then risk sometimes and as I logged back I saw ships all over still. And they were even escalating sites, using a Moros with the chimera. Look at all these wrecks they were producing!

I had my warp-ins setup and decided it was go time. They were warping in a Noctis and I had to grab loot as quick as I could before he could. Surely they would bring an interceptor or something once they knew what was up. So I warped in, adrenaline going; would this be the end for me?
I had my doubts, I was fast, but they could kill my helpless scanning ship with ease if they caught me. And then I truly would be stuck. Only with my pod, I would have no chance to get out.

But the price would be so rich! All this went through my mind before my ship hit the grid and the can de-cloaked me – there was no going back now. I grabbed the first BS Blue loot and warped to one of my safe-spots, cloaking up. Going back to see the reaction of them in site. Nothing I could see yet.

So I went in again, this time to 2 wrecks closer together, risky to grab both, but maybe less so then warping in twice? I also took these. But the remaining typhoon had looked me and was target painting me, was this the end? I hit warp like mad and tried to get out. It was a close call, the missiles behind me scream to where my ship had been mere seconds ago, but I rode the shock wave into warp with my sturdy Helios.
Exhilarated I went on back, franticly grabbing what I could, while they were trying to catch me with their slow BS and lone Incursus.

In the end no more wrecks littered the site, they had salvaged them all and I had grabbed 160 million ISK worth of loot. Grinning I decided this was what I would do for a bit now.

I went to the POS and watched them as they arrived back in their rabbit hole wondering what they were talking about. Maybe they would stop? So my fun would end? I wasn’t sure, they were bold before, maybe they would decide to set a trap in the other side? A cloaky, fast locking me and holding me to interrogate me for my loot? Or sending the unwelcome guest back to HS?

I went to a deep safe spot to drop of my first loot to secure it somewhat, sadly I had no container to anchor, so a normal one had to do. I decided to check the other site again.
There they were, this time escalating it fully with lots of angry sleeper Battleships.
They did the site as if I wasn’t there! Maybe they said to themselves, no matter its only a small loss?
Maybe it was the trap!

I decided to be bold. I made myself some more good spots in the site, some warp-ins, cleaned quickly my older bms from the other site. All setup and ready, take a deep breath Kara.

This time even the sleepers were there to fight me. But no matter. I warped in and grabbed things left and right, warping off, and in, lots of times. They were expecting me this time, drones swarmed, and several fast frigates were there. I had to be fast and precise not to get caught, little time was left, the Noctis was working hard against me. I managed to fool them, grabbing wrecks first far left, then right, then at the top, warping seemingly random into them, giving them little chance to get close. It was risky business, several times they were as close as 18km to me when I was on grid and running. But they didn’t catch me.

I watched them grabbing the last empty wrecks, salvaging them, leaving. My work for this evening was done, as was theirs, no more sites. But there’s always tomorrow.
My grand total was up to 260 millions ISK. What a rush, what fun!

The next day I woke up and checked the system, things were eerily quiet. I made the rounds, checking the sites then scanned the system as I could not see any inhabitants.

I found a new connection and went there to have a look. Behind me a flash and a Legion shows itself, what was that! He must have waited for me and jumped after me. I was already cloaked thou, so I watched him, an Anathema appeared on Dscan and went back to the system we both just had came from. What was up?

Short after that I saw what was up, they had sprung a trap for me, to get rid of me once and for all.
They sent BS back and forth to reduce mass, there was an interceptor on the wh waiting and a bubble up, it would be hard for me to go back. Cursing myself a little bit I watched the proceedings.
They all went back, surely waiting if I would dare again to jump thru. And then the mighty Thanatos gave its farewell appearing on the WH. They must have decided I was to dangerous around their freighter Charons... :D

Another flash, what was that, another activation. Suddenly also a BS appeared on grid again. But the hole was critical already? The BS hovered there, then the pilot noticed his error. He initiated self destruct. If he would jump back in the BS the Thanatos would be stranded.
He ejected and sent the capsule back just mere seconds before the Thanatos also jumped back, collapsing the WH behind him. Farewell friends! I will see you again.

I didn’t manage to warp to the BS in time to grab it, they had timed it well. So I was sent off with a big bang. I then continued to scan my way back, the c5 had another c5 connection, therein I found a c3 and another wormhole, a c2, I jumped into that despite it being critical, c2 have 2 exits and surely this one would lead me out to HS. But alas no such luck it had a 0 and a LS exit. I still scanned that down and checked the LS.

Bob must have liked my escapades he sent me 1j from HS close to my old starting noob home in Gallente space. I went out, sold my loot and decided to wait for a new connection back into TRECIs home on the next day.

As it was, next day saw another salute from Bob and I was sent home back to the flock. Rejoing with a new Legion for new adventures in the next weeks!

Join us for next instalment!

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